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Jennifer “Jeni” Mack

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Daycare Front Desk Supervisor

My love for animals goes back as far as I can remember. There was always at least one cat in our home. When I was six or seven, my dad brought home the most wonderful puppy for us! His name was Thunder, and he was a St. Bernard. We soon became best friends and he truly changed our lives! Currently, my husband and I have three dogs. Holly is a white German Shepherd mix and absolutely is the goofball of the bunch! Belle is a black and white Sheepdog mix (maybe) and despite her quiet demeanor, she is the alpha dog. Cob is my two and a half year old Dalmatian. He loves me the most. He was born deaf and can be challenging, but is very sweet!

I very much enjoy serving others and getting to know them. I am involved with my church and love spending time with our six-year old grandson as often as possible! He and I enjoy treasure hunts, walking around looking for the perfect stick, and just being together.

Before I started with Pender, I was the caretaker for several Dalmatians at the home of their breeder. I learned so much and it was an amazing job. The greatest skill that I learned was how to earn respect from the dogs. It took time and love from all of us. I also assisted in delivering puppies, including my very own Cob!

Working for Pender Pet Retreat has been the best career move that I have ever made. I wake up every morning excited to come to work! I enjoy the Daycare Staff that are more than just people that I work with, but people I have grown to care for very much. We are a great team. The clients that we have are like our family and we know that we are more than fortunate to have their dogs spend their days with us!

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