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Mike Edwards

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Customer Service Associate Manager

My Personal Interests: Volunteering for Middleburg Methodist Church, fund raising to benefit local needs, as well as reading fiction and non-fiction have always been favorite pastimes of mine.

My first pet: I have been blessed to have many animals in my life, but my most cherished would be Smokey, a Keeshond mix I was able to adopt while I was working here at Pender Pet Retreat. Smokey was my travel companion for the many years he was with us. That is just one of the many perks of working here at Pender Pet Retreat.

My current pets: My wife Debbie and I have a cat that we rescued named Sandy who has total control over us. We also have two grand pups: our son’s pup, Archer, and our daughter’s pup, Lulu. We have the absolute pleasure of spending time with them regularly.

Experience & Education: After my retirement from the world of retail Management, I was lucky to be hired by Dr. Mark Johnson, whom I have known for many years, as well as having the pleasure of meeting Dr. Don Powell. It has been a blessing becoming a part of the Pender family.

It has been very rewarding to be able to share time with and really get to know all of our boarding guests!

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