When can we drop off?

You may drop off anytime within business hours (listed at the bottom of every page), OR alternatively you can drop off outside of our business hours with prior notice and for an additional fee.

When can we pick up?

You may pick up anytime during business hours (listed at the bottom of every page) and before 2pm for no additional charge, OR alternatively you can pick up outside of our business hours with prior notice and for an additional fee. Any late pickup after 2pm will incur a late pickup fee of $35 for dogs/$15 for cats.

How many times will my dog be walked?

Each of our accommodations include a minimum of 3 walks per day, while our presidential and executive suites include a minimum of 5 walks per day. You may add on additional outdoor walks and/or activities at check-in as needed to fit your pet’s activity level. See the complete list of accommodations and included activities here. K9 Enrichment options offer additional, longer opportunities for your pet to spend time outdoors if that is something they prefer, and can be added on to your pet’s stay at check-in per availability. Check out our options here!

What should I bring for my pet’s stay?

We ask that all our guests bring their own food from home to avoid any tummy upset during their stay. We provide bowls, beds, and blankets for all our guests. You are also welcome to bring any treats and up to 2 toys that your pet can enjoy unsupervised as well. Don’t forget to bring medications if your pet will require any during their stay!

Can I check on my pet during their stay?

Yes please! You are welcome to call or email anytime for an update on your pet.

Is someone there overnight?

Yes! We have caretakers on site 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Can I tour the facility before my reservation?

Yes, we love to showcase our facility! We provide scheduled tours Monday through Thursday between 10am and 4pm. Give us a call or email requesting a tour and we’ll be happy to get you set up!

Can my pet attend daycare while boarding?

Yes! You are welcome to add on daycare to any boarding stay during normal hours of operation (Monday – Friday, excluding some Holidays). If your pet does not already attend daycare with us regularly, they must complete a temperament test and pass evaluation to be able to play. If your pet previously passed a temperament test and played but has not participated in the last 90 days, they must be re-evaluated. Temperament tests and re-evaluations for daycare book out two weeks in advance so please reach out ASAP to secure a spot!

My pet eats all throughout the day, can their food be left out at all times?

Unfortunately, no. Firstly, in a boarding environment, leaving out food is highly unsanitary. Secondly, leaving out a pet’s food makes it impossibly difficult to accurately track appetite trends, which is one of our biggest indicators for how a pet is adjusting and their overall health. While we understand “free feeding” works excellently for some pets in the home environment, it’s simply not feasible in the boarding environment. To understand what we offer instead of free feeding, please reach out and speak to our front desk employees!

How do you monitor the pets in your care?

Our management team completes an in-house report list daily which includes appetite and daily weights so that we can accurately track trends. If your pet is inappetent for 2-3 meals, has not had a bowel movement in more than 24 hours, or appears to be losing weight, our management team will reach out to you with our concerns and offer solutions with your approval. Additionally, our caretakers report any other noted concerns (GI upset, wounds/scrapes, limps, etc.) on our whiteboard list which our management team reviews and will then reach out to you with our concerns and offer solutions with your approval.

What is your late checkout fee?

Just like a human hotel, we charge a late checkout fee for any pickup on the day of departure that is after our checkout time of 2PM. For our canine friends, that fee is $35 per pet and for our feline friends, that fee is $15 per pet. By 2PM, your pet has received more than ½ of a day’s care and, additionally, is still occupying a run that we might need to clean and get ready for new friends coming to stay with us. While you will not be charged for another day of boarding on the departure date, the late checkout fee helps us remain able to offer flexible pickup windows and allow you to come at your convenience instead of offering strict drop off and pick up times.

What is your afterhours fee?

The afterhours fee is a flat $100 charge that will be incurred if you pick up or drop off your pet from or for boarding any time outside of our normal hours of operation. Our normal hours of operation are posted on our website, our business doors, and also listed on every boarding contract you fill out and are as follows: Monday – Friday from 7AM – 7PM, Saturday from 7AM – 5PM, and Sunday from 10AM – 5PM. We are also closed in observance of all Federal Holidays as follows: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If you pick up or drop off your pet outside of these posted hours or on any observed Holiday, you will be charged the $100 afterhours fee. In addition, please be advised that for pickups, the afterhours fee does not waive the late checkout fee; if you pick up after 2PM and after business hours, both fees will apply.

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