Kitty City

Our Kitty City offers two types of accommodations for our feline guests: 24 Kitty Condos and 2 luxury Cat Suites. All kitty accommodations include daily cuddle time where they can play and stretch their legs, as well as daily housekeeping.

  • Kitty Condos – Our standard kitty accommodation, available with and without an exterior window view. All condos include multi-level perches and a private “potty cubby”. Condos can be joined to provide a double-wide accommodation for kitties who need some extra room and/or multiple-cat families*. 
  • Cat Suites – Our luxury kitty accommodation, offering the largest living space, climbing perches, personal kitty tower, and 360° views of our Kitty City, lobby, and exterior for maximum viewing pleasure. 

Standard Dog Boarding Options

All standard dog boarding options include 3 outdoor activities per day: a morning potty break on our hiking trail, a midday activity (either an extended hike or individual, off-leash playschool), and evening potty break on our hiking trail. All boarding stays can be customized to include additional outdoor activities or, with prior scheduling and complete application process, inclusion in our Pender Pack off-leash group play program (*with additional fees).

  • Canine Condos – Our smallest accommodation. Best for pups up to 20 lbs. who also do not mind being lifted up by a caretaker, as our condos are lofted. 
  • Junior Suites – Our medium-sized accommodation. Best for single or multiple pups* up to a combined total weight of 60 lbs. 
  • Senior Suites – Our largest standard accommodation. For single or multiple pups* up to a combined total weight of no more than 175 lbs. is suggested.

Luxury Dog Boarding Options

Our luxury options offer the largest “living space” and maximum amenities including: 24-hour webcam viewable remotely online, en suite TV, and 5 outdoor activities per day. The luxury options are the best value for pet parents who want maximum activity and comfort for their pet, as well as multi-pet families.


*For pets sharing the same accommodation (dogs and cats), we very strongly suggest that pet parents do a “test run” at home, with your pets sharing a kennel (or small bathroom) for an extended period of time. While household “siblings” may do well together at home, the space constraint combined with the change of environment with additional stressors such as foreign sounds, smells, and sights that come with a boarding facility can cause them to react differently than they do at home, including but not limited to aggression towards one another. If any pet in our care exhibits aggression or discomfort of any kind towards a “sibling” sharing their accommodation, we reserve the right to split them up into separate accommodations to keep everyone as happy and healthy as possible, as well as avoid possible injury.

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