No Dogs Allowed!

At Pender Pet Retreat’s private Kitty City retreat, life has gone to the cats. . . and life is good!  Your cat will have a dedicated condo to relax, lounge, and hang around among like-minded fellow felines. The Cat Condo is our standard kitty accommodation, available with and without an exterior window view. All condos include multi-level perches and a private “potty cubby”. Condos can be joined to provide a double-wide accommodation for kitties who need some extra room and/or multiple-cat families.

Some items your cat can enjoy while staying with us include:

  • Laying in the window to watch people and nature outside
  • Perching with other mellow fellows on the cat tower
  • A mid afternoon treat
  • Extra petting, ear scratches, and play time with our friendly care givers
  • Relaxing ambient music


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