K9 Enrichment

What is K9 Enrichment?

K9 Enrichment is a term used to describe activities that provide dogs an outlet for physical and mental stimulation. These activities are designed to help dogs reduce boredom and improve overall health and well-being. Dogs, just like their human partners, crave activity designed to engage and challenge them, especially in a boarding environment. Canine Enrichment has also been shown to help exercise dog’s natural instincts, like herding, in a safe, appropriate, and healthy way. Providing your pup with enrichment during their boarding stay can help them have a sense of control over their environment which may lead to reducing their stress and anxiety in a new place.

As pet owners ourselves, we are always looking for new ways to enhance the boarding experience for our pet guests. The guiding principle behind our canine enrichment program is to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere in which to give dogs added physical and mental stimulation during their stay. Dogs require mental and physical stimulation to thrive, and enrichment helps fulfill that need. Our head trainer has designed a variety of activities to cater towards all types of pet personalities and fitness levels. All dogs are individuals and you may need to experiment to find the type of activity your pet likes best. We recommend trying one of our packages as there are different activities included all in one option!

The benefits of enrichment are many and varied and we encourage you to try out some of our options during your pet’s next stay, but also to continue the fun at home! There are many different DIY enrichment activities you can provide for your pet, which could be as simple as trying a new route for your morning walk, adding a food puzzle to one of your pup’s meals, or training a new trick. At the end of the day, we all love our pets like they are part of our family. While enrichment helps them in many ways, it also has the ability to strengthen the bond between us.

Our Canine Enrichment program was founded and is run by our Head Trainer, Ashley Mosca, CPDT-KA, CPACM. Read more about Ashley HERE!

  • Lick Mat – Lick mats help reduce stress and anxiety by giving your pup both mental stimulation and relaxation, similar to a slow feeder. It’s a fun way to extend their time indulging in a fun, yummy treat! NOTE: Not a good option for chewers or shredders.
  • Frozen Stuffed Kong Toy – Frozen, stuffed Kongs will keep most pups entertained for quite a while and keep their minds stimulated. Kongs CAN be a good option even for pups that are nervous chewers or shredders.
  • Food Puzzles – Level up your pup’s mental stimulation with one of our many choices of food and treat puzzles! NOTE: Not a good option for chewers or shredders.
    • Filling options for any of the above activities:
      • Basic Fillings – Yogurt, Pure Pumpkin, Purina ProPlan EN wet food
      • Premium Fillings – Chicken Breast, Fish Skin, Peanut Butter

Play Tier – 30 Minute Activity

  • Flirt Pole – Think giant cat feather toy, but for dogs! This tool works a pup’s natural instinct to herd and drive to work and run.
  • Fetch & Tug – A classic. An oldie but a goodie with an impulse twist thrown in. Dogs will be asked to “sit” and “down” and wait to be released before the ball is thrown. This will help dogs work on impulse control while enjoying their favorite game.
  • Pool Time – Fun in the sun and perfect for summer! We have smaller pools for our tiny friends and a large 500-gallon pool for our more adventurous pups! Lifeguard will be on duty. Weather Permitting.
  • Agility Course Work – Work on weave poles, running through a tunnel, jumping through a hoop, and jumps! This can be for dogs who are experienced or new to the agility world.
  • AKC Fit Lesson – We’ll be taking your pup through a warm up to get ready for core and limb strengthening exercises. After we’re done balancing on foam mats, walking on uneven surfaces, and practicing rear-end awareness, pups will then practice cool down stretches to decompress after the lesson.
  • Trick Training – Practicing and learning new tricks is a great way to build a dog’s confidence and work their brain. You can pick two tricks you would like your pup to learn during their stay!  Choose from: Sit, Shake, Spin, High-five, or Speak.


Adventure Tier – 60 Minute Activity

  • Trail Hike – A less structured, go at your own pace, decompression walk. Perfect for dogs that like to take their time and take in the sights in new environments.
  • Treasure Hunt – Follow scents on the trail as we work on a “find it” command. Dogs will be allowed to smell everything on this “sniff-ari” and search for treats on the trail.
  • Treadmill Time – Introduction and desensitization work on a treadmill. Great for pups who like a challenge, have some extra energy to run out, or who are used to getting lots of exercise at home!

Puppy Play Time

  • Socialization with new people and environments
  • Play time with appropriate play mates
  • Name and Engagement work

Each package contains an adventure photo!

  • Fit Pup 
    • Pumpkin stuffed KONG,
    • AKC Fit Lesson,
    • Treadmill Time
  • Playful Pup 
    • Lick Mat with Peanut Butter
    • Fetch & Tug
    • Trail Hike
  • Explorer Pup
    • Food Puzzle with chicken breast
    • Agility course work
    • Treasure Hunt

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