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Pender Pet Retreat Group Training Classes

Held OUTDOORS at the Pender Pet Retreat Pavilion
4508 Upper Cub Run Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151

To register, please click here to create a new client account, then call (703)631-9590.

In order to bring you classes in 2020 – 2021, we will be taking special precautions and extra equipment will be needed for classes. Classes will be held at our OUTDOOR location in Chantilly.

*Face coverings are required during class for unvaccinated individuals. When you are coming in, walking close to another person, or exiting our facility, a face covering will be required. During class we will do our best to keep a ten foot social distance from each other. The facility is large and should support our spacing.

*Bring hand sanitizer, gloves, or hand wipes to have clean hands to enter and exit the facility.

*I would also recommend wiping your dog down with a wipe on their bodies, and their feet prior to having them get into your car. This is not required, but puppies that are socializing may be touched by other people and dogs.

*Bring water for you and your dog so the dogs are not sharing water bowls. Please dress appropriately for the weather because we are outside, under cover and with ceiling fans. If the weather is hot, I will have a tub filled with water for cooling off your pup.

*Consider wearing bug spray because we will be outside and there is standing water close by.

*Avoid flexi leashes, and use a regular leash and collar. Training collars are acceptable if you are already using one. I am not a fan of using a harness for training, but the anti-pulling harnesses can be valuable when walking and heeling, so feel free to bring your dog wearing a harness and collar if that is how you walk your dog.

*Bring good-to-dog-smelling treats! I would suggest Zukes, Pupperoni, Jerky, string cheese, hot dog or something your pup really likes. This will help them work in the heat, and to choose to listen to you despite the distractions of training in a group and outside! A toy to keep your pup busy while we are talking would be helpful.

*Bring your own clean up bags, just like when you walk your dog at home. Walk dogs outside before coming onto the artificial turf. Accidents will happen. Try to avoid them if possible and clean up after.

*Bring your extras in a bag you can drop down and pick up when you need your items.

*Sign the attached waiver to attend class. Typing your name on the waiver will count as a signature, then email it back to me.

*I always provide a summary of class via email for puppy and basic. This session will be shorter due to the health circumstances, so additional training information not covered in class will be provided in your emails. Email training questions anytime!

*Please do not come into the facility early or stay late. Questions are welcome during class time. If you need additional help or need to chat privately, email me at mjdogs@gmail.com. To register for classes call (703) 631-9590.

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