Pender Pet Retreat Group Training Classes

2024 Class Schedule

Held OUTDOORS at the Pender Pet Retreat Pavilion
4508 Upper Cub Run Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151

6 weeks of classes = $150

To register, if you are a new client to Pender Pet Retreat, please click HERE to set up a new client account, then call (703)631-9590. Existing clients can just give us a call to register!

Meet Group Class Trainer – Sharon Kehoe

Sharon has been a member of the Pender family for over 26 years, starting out as a kennel assistant and working up to a veterinary technician for more than 20 years now. If your pet has had surgery at a Pender clinic in the last 20 years, they have met Sharon!

Sharon graduated from the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus, Ohio in 1999 and has over 22 years’ experience working as a certified dog trainer. Through her certification, she has mastered helping young dogs and their owners learn basic commands such as sit, down, stay, come, heel, finish, and place. In advanced classes at the National K-9 School, Sharon received training in handicap assistance work, scent detection, and search and rescue. Sharon loves teaching group classes and has been doing so with the Fairfax County Park Authority for over 20 years.


Pender Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies from age 10 – 23 weeks. Off-leash play time socialization is offered with this comprehensive class for those new to dog ownership and savvy dog owners. The focus of Puppy Kindergarten is for pups to learn socialization and basic handling technique using a rewards-based approach. Topics covered include housebreaking, safe handling, mouthing, chewing, play biting, jumping, walking on a leash, grooming, barking, and more.

Pender Dog Obedience – Level 1 (previously called “Basic”) is for puppies and dogs starting at the age of 6 months old and up. A dog is never too old to learn new tricks! This comprehensive class is for savvy dog owners and those new to dog ownership. In this class, the focus shifts from rewards- to praise-based reinforcement. Topics include home management, discipline, and problem solving. Commands instructed include sit, down, come, stay, heeling, controlled leash walking, and more.

Pender Dog Obedience – Level 2 (previously called “Intermediate”) is for Puppy and Basic Obedience / Level 1 graduates that are at least 8 months of age and are ready to hone their skills. Training topics include hand signal exercises for the sit, down and stand, heeling with attention, recalls in distracting situations, finishes, improving and proofing stays, and sit and stand for examination. Owners will work hard to enhance their leadership skills and improve any canine behavioral issues. This course prepared the dog and owner to successfully complete the 10-step AKC Canine Good Citizen test for certification given on course completion.


*We must receive your pup’s proof of current vaccination PRIOR to the start of class. We reserve the right to turn away anyone from which we have not received proof of vaccination.

*Face coverings are required during class for unvaccinated individuals. When you are coming in, walking close to another person, or exiting our facility, we ask that all attendees wear a face covering. During class we will do our best to keep a six foot social distance from each other. The facility is large and will support this spacing.

*Please bring a small bowl or drinker for your dog, so the dogs are not sharing water bowls.

*Please dress appropriately for the weather, because we are outside under our covered pavilion. When the weather is cold, insulated sides are dropped down and overhead, radiant heaters will be on at all times. If the weather is hot, I will have a tub filled with water for cooling off your pup.

*Avoid flexi leashes, and use a regular leash and collar. Training collars are acceptable if you are already using one. I am not a fan of using a harness for training, but the anti-pulling harnesses can be valuable when walking and heeling, so feel free to bring your dog wearing a harness and collar if that is how you normally walk your dog.

*Bring stinky treats! I would suggest Zukes, Pupperoni, Jerky, string cheese, hot dog or something your pup really likes. This will help them work and to choose to listen to you despite the distractions of training in a group and outside! A toy to keep your pup busy while we are talking can also be helpful.

*Bring your own clean up bags, just like when you walk your dog at home. Walk dogs outside before coming onto the artificial turf. Accidents will happen. We ask that you clean them us as quickly as possible afterwards. There are many disposal receptacles around the property.

*We ask that you do not come into the facility early or stay late to avoid crowding in the training areas. Questions are welcome during class time. There is a public dog park on the property for you to use to wait or exercise your dog before or after class.


If you need additional help, please e-mail us at info@penderpetretreat.com.

To register for classes call (703) 631-9590.

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