Big Value for Smaller Dogs

For: Dogs up to 20lbs

If you have a smaller dog that is most comfortable in your arms or a designer handbag, then our Canine Condos are the place to be!  Our Canine Condos are designed to be cozy for that secure feeling yet large enough to stretch out for a comfortable stay.  Our Canine Condos are all situated higher off the ground than the other enclosures to give smaller dogs a feeling of security and comfort. Any pup staying in a Canine Condo must be comfortable with non-family members picking them up.

When you book your Canine Condo you can rest easy knowing that we’ve done the work for you.  Each day, your pup will enjoy a combination of outings and activities designed to provide exercise and enrichment in a fun, safe setting:

  • A morning outdoor walk (on real grass not concrete!)
  • An outdoor hike or playschool, depending on activity-level
  • A mid-day treat
  • An after dinner outdoor walk (on real grass, not concrete!)
  • Super soft, lambswool bedding for a great night sleep

Looking for more space?  Little dogs are welcome to reserve our Junior Suites, Senior Suites, and Executive Suites!

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