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Clean Canine

Basic bath including shampoo, brush out, and air drying

Starting at $50.00*

Canine Spa

Includes thorough shampoo and conditioning, nail trim with Dremel filing, ear cleaning, brush out, and blow out.

Starting at $65.00*


*Prices vary depending on pet’s size, breed, and coat condition.


A la Carte Services 

Teeth Brushing = $8

Pedicure & Dremel filing = $25

Eye Cleaning = $8

Blueberry Facial = $10

Whitening Shampoo = $5

Hypoallergenic Oatmeal Shampoo = $5

Ear Cleaning = $25


*We do not provide bathing and grooming services for kitties at this time. We can provide waterless baths and brush outs for boarded kitties who do not exhibit obvious signs of over-stress.

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