Stay and Play

Each of our accommodations includes the below listed activities. All reservations can be customized with additional walks, hikes, individual and group play sessions, treats, special meals, bathing and grooming, etc.

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Room Type Pet Size AM Walk Hike,
Playschool or Cuddle
Treat! After Dinner Walk Bedtime Walk TV & Webcam Rate/Day Mon-Thurs Rate/Day Fri-Sun
Kitty Condo 1 cat, < 20 lbs.* $36 $39.50
Kitty Condo w/Window 1 cat, < 20 lbs.* $41.50 $45.50
Cat Suite 1 cat, Any size* $53 $58
Canine Condo 1 dog, < 20 lbs.* $57 $63
Junior Suite 1 dog, < 60 lbs.* $65 $71.50
Senior Suite 1 dog, Any Size* $75 $82.50
Presidential Suite 1 dog, Any size $116.50 $128
Presidential Suite 2 Dogs, combined weight <175 lbs. $204 $224.50
Presidential Suite 3 Dogs, combined weight <175 lbs. $291 $320
Executive Suite 1 dog, Any size $125 $137.50
Executive Suite 2 Dogs, combined weight <200 lbs. $219 $241
Executive Suite 3 Dogs, combined weight <200 lbs. $312.50 $344
*Additional pets in the same family (dogs and cats) sharing the same accommodation receive 25% off the nightly rate.
NOTE: For pets sharing the same accommodation (dogs and cats), we very strongly suggest that pet parents do a “test run” at home, with your pets sharing a kennel (or small bathroom) for an extended period of time. While household “siblings” may do well together at home, the space constraint combined with the change of environment with additional stressors such as foreign sounds, smells, and sights that come with a boarding facility can cause them to react differently than they do at home, including but not limited to aggression towards one another. If any pet in our care exhibits aggression or discomfort of any kind towards a “sibling” sharing their accommodation, we reserve the right to split them up into separate accommodations to keep everyone as happy and healthy as possible, as well as avoid possible injury. Additionally, we are unable to house dogs and cats in the same accommodation. 

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