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Ashley Mosca

CPACM, CPDT-KA / Head Trainer

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Daycare Manager

A true embodiment of Pender’s mission of a caring companion for dogs and cats and providing quality pet services and professional boarding facilities, Ashley is constantly looking for new ways to push herself forward both personally and professionally. Named Daycare Manager of Pender Pet Retreat in 2018, Ashley ensures a balanced, safe environment where pets receive the engagement and stimulation they need to thrive and to learn behaviors and commands during their day at Daycare and, more importantly, when they go home. Always a cohabitant with dogs and cats, Ashley and her German Shepherd mix, Winnie, enjoy yoga, running and visiting family back home in New Jersey.

“I enjoy creating an environment that encourages socialization; where pets can get physically- and mentally-stimulated” said Mosca. “It’s important that we constantly monitor and assess our work so that all dogs feel secure and confident enough to play with each other, but also learn manners and commands.”

Since choosing her family’s first pet, a Boxer named Mabel, to rescuing a cat named Mia, Ashley has always wanted to work in animal care. She comes to the brand with experience managing animal facilities. She ran “Crumbs and Whiskers” for several years, a cat café in the heart of Los Angeles, and volunteered as a cat socializer at the Monmouth County, New Jersey ASCPA. She also plans to attend a dog training program early next year.

A graduate of Ramapo College (Mahwah, NJ), Ashley enjoys using her degree in Psychology to assist her in analyzing dog behavior. She is an avid runner and looks forward to one day dominating a Spartan Race. When it comes to pet care and services, she believes that the real joy comes from the dogs themselves, especially those who come to her shy and scared and transform into confident, playful animals.

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