Offleash and Individual Dog Daycare

Going to work or just heading out of the house for the day? Let your dog play!  Choose from either individual daycare or have your dog join the Pender Pack with offleash daycare at our state-of-the art facility.

Description Single Day 5 Day Package 10 Day Package 30 Day Package Best Deal
Pender Pack Offleash Daycare If your dog is a social butterfly who loves to play and romp with other happy and healthy hounds the Pender Pack is the place to be!  Dogs play and socialize in groups of similarly sized pups in our multi-season pavillion and sprawling grounds.  More information can be found here and if you are ready to join the pack just complete this form and we’ll get you started right away.  Join the Pender Pack today! $32.00 $30.40/day $28.80/day $27.20/day
Individual Dog Daycare Does your dog prefer his/her own space?  We have safe, comfortable suites for those dogs who prefer to stay to themselves for the day.  Your dog will get an AM walk, a hike or playschool outing, and a PM walk with one of our trained and loving care takers. $32.00 $30.40/day $28.80/day $27.20/day

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