The Pender Pet Retreat

When does the title BOARDING FACILITY stop being appropriate and the title PET RETREAT more accurate? … When all of the amenities of home and more are available for enjoyment and return visits are looked forward to by your pet.

Your pet is treated as a guest at Pender Pet Retreat. The location is very close to the south end of Dulles Airport at 4508 Cub Run Road in Chantilly. There is no other pet retreat in Fairfax County situated on 6 wooded acres with multiple fenced areas for exercise and just “great sniffing” (a concrete parking lot is just not dog friendly). Cats have spacious condos with bird watching available if your cat prefers.

Like Pender Veterinary Centre in Fairfax, your pet will have 24 hour oversight and care. We welcome visitors and love to give tours.

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